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Lydbrook, Gloucestershire

Several generations of the "GG" family tree lived at Lydbrook, in the Forest of Dean.

LYDBROOK is a large, linear village stretching down a long valley, with houses stretching high on both sides. The higher end is call Upper Lydbrook while the other part of the towards the River Wye as Lower Lydbrook. It is approxiamtely four miles north from Coleford and eight north-east from Monmouth. Its long valley has high and steep hills on each side, with several narrow lanes leading to houses pertched on its sides. Records show there was a mill at Lydbrook in 1282 and three forges operated in the area. The iron and tinplate works, owned by Richard Thomas & Co., employed many of the local people, being opened in 1871, closing in 1925. Iron and coal were also worked in the area, notably at the Lydbrook Deep Level Colliery. There were also lime kilns, several flour mills and a wire-works. Lydbrook became an important coal port on the River Wye with Forest coal shipped to Ross and Hereford. Later, around 1912 a large cable works was built, producing tons of telephone cable during World War One.

There were two railway stations (Upper and Lower), both high on the north side of the valley, where the Severn and Wye Railway, built in 1872, operating from Lydney, with a branch line to Cinderford and joining the Ross and Monmouth Line close by. Near to Lower Lydbrook Station, the village was dominated by the railway viaduct with nintey feet high stone piers (see picture above). Sadly, the viaduct was demolished in 1969. Public houses included the Crown & Sceptre Inn, the Recruiting Sergeant Inn, the Bell Inn, the Queens's Head and the Forge Hammer Inn. There were several churches, the first being the Church of Holy Jesus, an interesting Early English style building, with nave, chancel, north and south aisles, a tower and one bell. The Primitive Methodist Chapel was built in 1828, and then rebuilt in 1852. The Baptist Church was erected in 1864, enlarged in 1875, and held about 500 people, while the Wesleyan Chapel was also built in 1864.

Where the Burgums (Burghams) lived and worked -

Above - Lydbrook Ferry

Left - Forge Hammer Inn

Below left - The Anchor Inn

Below right - The Lydbrook Grocers' Shop
(now the Post Office)

Below - the Railway Bridge at Lower Lydbrook

Below in black and white - Lydbrook Tin Works

FAMILY living at Lydbrook were as follows -

1841 Census at Moorwood Coppice, near Lydbrook (CS1841-3)
Thomas Burgum (waterman), Mary Burgum, Mary Ann Burgum (dau, age 10), Eliza Burgum (dau, age 4) and Selina Burgum (dau, age 6 months).

1841 Census at Crossway, Lydbrook (CS1841-12)
Henry Burgam (forgeman), Sarah Burgam (wife. 63), Thomas Roses (son-in-law, tin sorter, 28), Eliza Roses (dau, age 29) and Edward Roses (gd-son, age 2).

1841 Census at Lydbrook (CS1841-13)
Henry Burgum (waterman, 35), Maria Burgum (wife. 35), Alfred Burgum (son, 5), Amos Burgum (son, 4) and Adelaide Burgum (dau, 1).

1841 Census at Lydbrook (CS1841-14)
Susanna Morris (60), and others. John Burgum (forgeman, born Bishopswood).

1841 Census at Lydbrook (CS1841-19)
William Burgham (labourer, 20), boarding in the house of Mary Roberts.

1851 Census at Lydbrook (CS1851-20)
William Burgum (barge owner, 49), Eliza Burgum (wife), Alfred Burgum (son, agricultural labourer, 15) and Amos R. Burgum (son, agricultural labourer, 12).

1851 Census at 13 Lydbrook (CS1851-21)
John Burgum (forgeman, 35), Charlotte Burgum (wife, 30), Thomas Burgum (son, 7) and Sarah T. Burgum (dau, 1).

1851 Census at Hangerberry Lydbrook (CS1851-43)
Richard Burgum (servant, 12), at the house of William Cooper and family.

1861 Census at Lydbrook (CS1861-6)
Eliza Burgum (innkeeper, 34), William Henry Burgum (son, 9), John Burgum (son, 3), Emma Watkins (sister, housemaid, 24) and Alfred William Burgum (stepson?, brewer, 24).

1861 Census at Lydbrook (CS1861-8)
Amos Burgum (puddler, 23), lodger in the house of James Hunt and family.

1861 Census at Lydbrook (CS1861-61)
John Burgum (refiner, 45), Charlotte Burgum (wife, 40), Tom Burgum (son, tinman, 17), John Burgum (forgeman, 14), Sarah Burgum (dau, scholar, 11), William Burgum (son, scholar, 6) ane Emma Jane (dau, 2).

1871 Census at Tramroad, Lydbrook (CS1871-18)
John Burgum (refiner of iron, 55), Charlotte Burgum (wife), Tom Burgum (son, tinplate roller, 27), John Burgum (ironman, 24), William Burgum (son, labourerr, 15), Emma Burgum (dau, scholar 12) and Tom Burgum (gd-son, 4).

1871 Census at Lower Lydbrook (CS1871-19)
Alfred Burgum (lodger, butcher, 34).

1881 Census at Upper Lydbrook (CS1881-3)
William Burgum (forgeman, 26), Hannah Burgum (wife, 21) and William J. Burgum (son, 1).

1881 Census at Lower Lydbrook (CS1881-4)
Alfred Burgum (butcher + innkeeper, 45), Mary Burgum (wife, 56), Oliver Hale (step-son, shoemaker, 22) and Margaret Hale (gd-dau, scholar, 9).

1881 Census at Tramroad, Lydbrook (CS1881-5)
Tom Burgum (tin roller, 37), Edith Jane Burgum (wife, 34), Tom Henry Burgum (son, behinder tin plate worker, 14), Rosa Ann Burgum (dau, 12), Edith Burgum (dau, 10), Laura Burgum (dau, 8), Ann Burgum (dau, 5) and Emma J. Burgum (dau, 6 months).

1881 Census at The Incline, Upper Lydbrook (CS1881-6)
John Burgum (refiner of iron, 65), Charlotte Burgum (wife, 60) and Emma J. Williams (gd-dau, 4).

1881 Census at Lydbrook (CS1881-7)
John Burgum (grocer assistant, 33), Rolinda Burgum (wife, 34), Mary Ann Burgum (dau, scholar 8) and George Frape (lodger, grocer assistant, 25).

1881 Census at Bell Hill, Lydbrook (CS1881-35)
Amos R. Burgham (age 43), Charlotte Burgum (wife, 39), Adelaide M. Burgum (dau, scholar, 14) and Gertrude L. Burgum (dau, scholar, 25) and Amos T.R. Burgum (son, scholar, 8).

1891 Census at Forge Hammer Inn, Lower Lydbrook (CS1891-10)
Alfred Burgum (butcher + 56), Mary Burgum (wife, 66), and Margaret Hale (gd-dau, general servant, 19).

1891 Census at Upper Lydbrook (CS1891-25)
John Burgum (iron smelter, 76), Charlotte Burgum (wife, 71) and Emma J. Williams (gd-dau, 14).

1891 Census at Lydbrook (CS1891-55)
Amos R. Burgham (tin workers labourer, age 54), Charlotte Burgham (wife, 49), Thomas R. Burgham (dau, tin worker, 18) and Gertrude A. Burgham (gd-dau, 5).

1891 Census at The Anchor Inn, Lydbrook (CS1891-118)
Richard Baxter (tin plate worker, age 29), Hannah Baxter (wife, 29), William Burgum (son-in-law, scholar, 11), Emma L. Burgum (dau-in-law, 7), Louisa Banks (mother-in-law, 53), Fred Banks (son of Louisa, ostler, 27) and Joseph Banks (son of Louisa, mariner, 31). (Note - the Banks family moved to Fetter Hill by 1901).

1891 Census at Lydbrook (CS1891-122)
John Burgam (grocery manager, 43), Rolinda Burgam (wife, 44), Mary Ann Burgam (dau, drapers assistant, 18) and Thomas Hussey (brother-in-law, grocer assistant, 31).
1901 Census at Lydbrook (CS1901-24)
Amos T. R. Burgham (roll turner, tin works, age 28) and Ellen Burgham (wife, 26).

1901 Census at Lydbrook (CS1901-97)
Amos R. Burgham (labourer, tin workers labourer, age 63), Charlotte Burgham (wife, 59) and Gertrude Burgham (gd-dau, 12).

1901 Census at Lydbrook (CS1901-112)
Rolinda Burgum (grocer + draper, 55), Mary Ann Burgum (dau, 28), Thomas Hussey (brother, blind at birth) and Elsie Huzzey (niece, 12, visitor).

1911 Census at Bell Hill, Lydbrook (CS1911-91)
Charlotte Burgham (widow, 69).

1911 Census at Upper Lydbrook (CS1911-112)
Mary Ann Burgum (grocer + draper, 37), Rolinda Burgum (mother, 65), Thomas Hussey (uncle, grocers assistant, 52), Alice Edith Hobbs (cousin, dapers assistant, 24) and Arthur Lytherby (age 15, visitor).

The map below shows the principle areas in the Forest of Dean where Burgums and Burghams lived.
1. Abenhall               2. Flaxley             3. Littledean           4. Lydbrook           5. Lydney          
6. Mitcheldean         7. Newland           8. Redbrook           9. Ruardean

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