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December 2021 I have added a new section "Workhouses" in the "Places" section. Clicking "Family Places" then gives you the menu that includes "Workhouses". This relates to a family of children who were in the Kidderminster Workhouse in 1861. As they become avaialble and I find other Burgums or Burghams were either in a Workhouse or a Hospital, they will be added to that list. A copy of this story still exists in "Articles", but this is simply another way of guiding you to the information with further background about the history of the particular Institution.
October 2021 The Pubs and Hotels of the Forest of Dean that have something to do with the Burgum or Burgham families has been updated and a few more photographs added.
October 2021 OK, I have been working hard over the many years since I began this research into the Burgum and Burgum families. Most recently I have added the school records of numerous Burgums, which have included addresses, dates of birth and names of schools and other details.
31 March 2019 Timeline added for the "AA" family tree. The "FF" family tree, by far the largest, will be added as soon as possible.
23 March 2019 Timeline added for the "UU" family tree.
18 March 2019 Timelines added for the "BB" and "KK" family trees.
23 January 2019 Timeline added for the "TT" family tree.
16 January 2019 Timeline added for the "PP" family tree.
29 December 2018 Timeline added for the "DD" family tree.
Jun - Dec 2018 Timelines GG, HH, JJ, LL, MM, OO, PP, QQ, RR, VV, WW AND YY added to the website.
28 March 2018 A new feature "People Pages" has been added to the People menu. This is not intended for our ancestors, but for you our living members. Any Burgum, Burgham, or related family member can apply for a People Page. You can put any information you like on there (within reason). Perhaps information about yourself, your family, pictures or just about your interests. (I recommend you do not put information on there such as your address, date of birth, etc). Your birthday, the town you live in, general information, would be OK). If you write about living family members, please get their permission).

So far there is only one person on the list. Me! Just to give you an idea of what you might put on a "People Page".

28th February 2018 More pictures added to WW People Photos. These are presented as "Thumbnail" Photos. If you click on the title of each picture you get more information about it. If the names are highlighted, it will take you to their personal name page. Click back to return to the Photos. Click the title again to remove the information. Clicking on the Thumbnail makes the picture larger. Most of these photographs were supplied by Brian Burgham.
24th February 2018 More portrait pictures added to WW Family Tree. These were taken from photographs kindly sent by Brian Burgham.
18th February 2018 Many more entries added to Parish Register Christenings. I have transferred the IGI Burgum/Burgham lists from the International Genealogical Index for the British Isles, which was compiled by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons). Theses entries can also be selected from the BMDs menu.
10th February 2018 Many more entries added to Parish Register Marriages. I have transferred the IGI Burgum/Burgham lists from the International Genealogical Index for the British Isles, which was compiled by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons). Theses entries can also be selected from the BMDs menu.
16th January 2018 Selecting People from the main menu now has an option called Surnames Index. This is a list of Spouse names - the husband or wife who married a Burgum or Burgham. The most common spouse surnames, so far, are Jones and Williams! This list is an on-going project, which is taking many hours of work!
14th December 2017 The Photos section from the main menu has had numerous family pictures added to it. Each family tree has had three sections added to it - namely People, Places and Other. People is obvious, places will show pictures relevant to that family and other may include documents, certificates, etc. Why not take a look? Clicking on a picture makes it larger, while clicking on the title gives you more information about it.

Got more pictures or more information about a picture? Then please email me!
7th November 2017 The References Menu on the main menu contails lists such as Ellis Island Records, Military Records, Monumental Inscriptions (graves, etc) Shipping Lists, Trade Directories, Wills and much more. However, I have now added a new category called Family Tree A-Z of References . This is a list of individuals, divided into their family trees, where a reference has been found perhaps from a newspaper, magazine, internet site or other reference material. Just browse the list of family trees from the left-hand menu to read those references. Please note I am continually adding material to these lists when I come across something relevant to the Burgum or Burgham families.
30th September 2016 From the main menu select BMDs (Births, Marriages and Deaths) to see a new addition, a list of Parish registers for Baptisms, Marriages and Burials. Unlike Births, Marriages and Deaths, which show event registration lists from 1837 onwards, Baptisms, Marriages and Burials can cover anytime from 1580 to the 1900s.
14th July 2016 Under the heading of Certificates, the birth certificate registration list for Burgum and Burgham has been completed for births between 1837 and 1920. Where the actual certificate has be found or purchased, clicking BC at the end of the line will show you a copy of the certificate details. If the annotation is in lower case (bc) it indicates I only have the baptism certificate, which has less information. The marriage and death certificate registrations lists will be completed as soon as possible. There are continuous modifications being made to the website, but I am only notifying them here when a particular list is completed. 65 birth certificates are now available. The list of birth registrations to 1920 numbers 854! Clearly it is not possible to buy them all at £9.25 per time. If you, or your family have any BURGUM or BURGHAM birth, marriage or death certificates please send me a copy. If the person is no longer living I will put it on the website. If they are still living, it will go in the safe! (old family pictures, family stories or current news are also welcome!)
1 September 2015 The DD family tree has been added to the Family Trees section. The family begins in Liverpool, where many of the family still live. Some moved to Wales, while others now live in London, the South of England and elsewhere. Click on each individuals name to read their details. Living people are not identified on the family tree unless permission is given by family members.
25 August 2015 Take a look at the latest news added to the "Latest family News" section of the website (see the top menu).
25 August 2015 The "AA" family tree has been added to the website. Due to the huge size, the website has been divided into three sections but they all appear in the list as "AA" family tree, "AA" family tree part two and "AA" family tree part three. The second two sections relate to two sections of the family, which are exceptionally large - part two relates to the Mormon section of the family when Charlotte Burgum and her husband Frederick Weight went from Gloucestershire to Salt Lake City, Utah and the section section (part three) relates to part of the family that settled in Hyde, Manchester, generating a substantial family. It is possible to jump between the 3 family trees or select them from the "Family Trees" menu above. Hundreds of hours are being put into adding all the family trees as soon as possible.
18 July 2015 New text, pictures and family information has been added to "The Places" section of the website (see above). So far Cinderford has been added as a new page, while Aston Ingham, Llanfiangel Llantanam (Wales), Mitcheldean, Taunton and Upton on Severn have been updated and other locations will have information and pictures added over the next few weeks. Enjoy!
02 July 2015 Over the last three days, while visiting my family in the UK, I dashed around Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Monmouthshire looking for churches, farms and locations where the Burgums and Burghams worshipped, worked and lived. I took numerous photographs and these will be added to the website in due course.
28 June 2015 There is a new section in the "Gen Guide" (see above) of the website called "Dates in History". I will be adding more dates from time to time, but this is enough to be getting on with. Why? It is not enough to see when and where our ancestors lived, but what else was going on around them at the time? Our ancestors survived many deadly diseases including the Black Death, Cholera and the 1918 Influenza pandemic of 1918-19 when 100 million people died worldwide! How do I know they survived? Well, because without them and/or their children we would not be here today. Why not take a look?
30 May 2015 The following family trees are now active - HH family tree (mainly Bolton and Bury), JJ family tree (John Burgum, the artist, and his family in New Hampshire and beyond), LL family tree (Cinderford area of the Forest of Dean), PP family tree (Bolton and Derby areas), VV family tree (some of the Burghams in the Forest of Dean) and YY family tree (Henry Burgum, the Bristol pewterer). More family trees will be added very soon!
25 May 2015 Burgum and Burgham News is now active. Simply click "Our News" on the top of the page menu to see what our fellow Burgums and Burghams are up to!
1 May 2015 Although there appears to be a big gap between the updates on this page, nothing could be further from the truth! There is an on-going project to populate the Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate lists, which is a very long process. Once this project is complete, the lists will be re-ordered to make more sense.
23rd April 2014 The first Timeline added to the website, accessed from the main menu. It is the "GG" Timeline that has been added and others will be added shortly.