The Burgum family history society is a member of the Guild of one name studies and researches the names

My "TO DO" Pages

This page is for me! The menu (left) has four options.

1. This page is to check that everything on the old Burgum Family History Website is transferred to the new website (the website you are reading now!) without losing any of the data I have collected over 37 years.

2. I sometimes capture pages of data from the Internet, or elsewhere, which will eventually find its' waynto my new website. I have placed this data in BFHS files on my computer and will return to them, check them out, and then place them on the appropriate pages of the Burgum Family History Society website if necessary.

3. This is a list of emails I have received, which may require further follow-up at a later date. It does not contain the actual email address of the sender for security reasons.

4. This is a list of general tasks I need to complete over time. Either a new idea for the website or, if I find information online or elsewhere, I can list it here and go back later.