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Did You Know?

Scarey Vikings and their Horned Helmets

What about those evil Vikings and their horned helmets? We've seen them in the movies, on the TV and in cartoons and pictures, haven't we?

Well, the practice of burying the dead with their goods has left archaeologists with loads of evidence about the Vikings, but unfortunately, few Viking helmets have survived intact. However, those that have are all horn-free.

Well, its all the fault of Wagner's costume designer, Professor Carl Emil Doepler, who had made horned helmets for use in the first Bayreuth production of "Der Ring des Nibelungen" in 1876. Other artists used or borrowed the image and eventually it became the norm.

So, although the archaeological evidence says otherwise, the image of Vikings pillaging the coastlines of Europe has stuck. So no, Vikings did not wear horned helmets, except in the movies!

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