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Monks Coppenhall, Cheshire

Now part of Crewe, Burgums from the "TT" family tree lived and worked here during the 1870's.

MONKS COPPENHALL was a township recorded in the Doomsday Book and was in the parish of Church Coppenhall, Cheshire. A much smaller village nearby was called Crewe with a population of just 70 people (in 1831), including Lord Crewe of Crewe Hall. The Grand Junction Railway Company (GJR) first proposed sites for their railway works at either Nantwich or Winsford, but these were rejected by local landowners. Finally GJR chose a site in fields close to Crewe Hall and built its railway station and locomotive works there, completing them in 1837. The railway works and the railway station was named after Lord Crewe and his little village. A new town grew rapidly around the railway station and works and, in 1881, the town became the Municipal Borough of Crewe named after the railway station. The railway station here soon became a major railway junction and Monks Coppenall and Crewe, effectively the same place, expanded to swallow up neighbouring townships. In 1936 the name Monks Coppenhall was dropped, Crewe had finally taken over. The little township of Crewe, from where the name had first come was renamed Crewe Green in 1974.

Henry Burgum and his wife Elizabeth (Daw) Burgum were living at Sandbach Street, Monks Coppenhall during the 1871 census (CS1871-83) with their daughter Hetty (Henrietta Amelia Burgum). Four further children were born at Monks Coppenhall – George (at Small Lane in 1871), Susan (at Earl Street in 1874), Elizabeth (at Cobden Street in 1878) and Fanny (at Albert Street in 1881). Henry was working as a Furnaceman in 1871, a Forgeman in 1874 and a Hammerman in 1878.

George and Caroline were living at New Street, Monks Coppenhall during the 1871 census (CS1871-35). In 1875 their daughter Mary Ann Burgum was born at Sandbach Street in 1875.

Charles and Esther (Pye Allen) Burgum, the parents of George and Henry were also living at Monks Coppenhall in 1871 (CS1871-66). They were at Cobden Street, with son Charles, daughter Esther, daughter Amelia (married to John Holmes) with their two children Charles and John.

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