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Brazilian Family
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A number of the "AA" Burgum family went to Brazil in the 1800's. Some stayed on and remained in Brazil. Their descendents still live there. Others, some working as enginneers, returned to England.

One, working on iron-clad ships, returned when his project was complete. Another, managing a water-treatment plant in Brazil, suddenly found himself out of work when the water and sanitation plants were nationalised by the Brazilian Government.

Elizabeth Burgum was the daughter of Henry and Hannah Burgum. She met and married a remarkable man and between them they have an equally remarkable son. This article is about them.


Dr Miguel Vieira Ferreira, Elizabeth Burgum and Dr Israel Vieira Ferreira

Miguel was born at the Fonte das Pedras, em São Luís do Maranhão on 10th December 1837. His parents were Colonel Fernando Luís Ferreira and Dona Luiza Rita Vieira da Silva Ferreira.

He graduated in Mathematics and Physical Sciences from the old Central School of Rio de Janeiro in 1859 received his doctorate with a PhD in those subjects in 1862. He later served as an engineer officer in the Brazilian Army.

Later he worked as a journalist writing for several newspapers and campaigned as a republican, an abolitionist and was a pioneer in the education and instruction given to female sex.

With his interest in politics, Miguel presided over the fifth republican district and was one of the first five editors oath news sheet “The Republic”. He was a founding partner in the Engineering Institute and the Republican Club of Brazil.

He founded the Brazilian Evangelical Church in Rio de Janeiro on 11th September 1879 and three years later on 24th September 1882 married Elizabeth Burgum, the daughter of Henry and Hannah Burgum. She assisted Miguel with the Brazilian Evangelical Church.

On 4th September 1883 Elizabeth gave birth to their son Israel Vieira Ferreira.

The Presbyterian Church, dissatisfied with what happened, later excluded Dr. Miguel Vieira Ferreira and Elisabeth Burgum from that organisation.

He directed industries, organised banks and was patron of the school named the Dr Miguel Vieira Ferreira School in his honour. He also has an Elementary School and a Municipal School names after him in São Paulo. He died age 57 on 20th September 1895 at Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil.

There are streets named after Dr Miguel Vieira Ferreira in Recife and Rio de Janeiro.

Dr Israel Vieira Ferreira followed in his father’s footsteps serving as an officer in the Brazilian Army, trained as an engineer and became the 3rd Pastor of the Brazilian Evangelical Church. His ministry began on 24th September 1911, and continued until his death on 31st January 1959.