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The following e-mail has "flooded-in" from across the pond. Alan Tubman is member QQ-120 (which means he belongs to the "QQ" family tree) and he lives at Virginia Beach, in the USA. Alan says some nice things about the BURGUM FAMILY HISTORY SOCIETY Journals and the BFHS Website, which pretty much guarantees publication! Anyway, read on to learn more about Alan's family.

Hello Doug
My name is Alan Tubman and I am a member of the BFHS. Your journals are terrific and have become a family ritual - we anticipate its arrival and read the journal together. It is all so very interesting!! I "belong" to the QQ part of the family tree: My Great Grandmother was Edith Lizzie (Burgum) Tubman (My father knew her as "Didi"), and she was married to Heslop Tubman. I recently came across some more information that has filled in a little of the family puzzle.

My father sent me my Grandparent's (Heslop Allan and Ruth Tubman) wedding book. They were married in New Rochelle, New York on April 20, 1935 (Today would have been their 66th anniversary!!). Inside are the signatures of those who were in attendance, including the following people:

John Ernest Burgum
Mr and Mrs J. Burgum
Louise Davis
Ralph Burgum
Derek Tubman
Margaret White
Edith L. Tubman

In addition, I was able to access the new Ellis Island Records website (www.ellisislandrecords.org) yesterday and found the following information: John Burgum sailed from Liverpool on the ship Baltic (picture, left) and arrived at Ellis Island on April 18, 1909. His age is listed as 64 years, and his residence is listed as Birmingham (England). From his age, I realized that he must be my Great Great Grandfather (Edith's father). One curious note is that his marital status is listed as married, but my Great Great Grandmother, Sarah Dudley, died in 1903. John and Sarah's names appear on Edith's birth certificate.

Louise Davis (Louise Amelia (Burgum) Davis) sailed from Liverpool with her husband, Frank Wilfred Davis, on the ship Vasari and arrived at Ellis Island on December 19, 1919. She was Edith's sister and was a witness at Edith and Heslop's marriage in King's Norton, Birmingham in 1907 ( I have a copy of their marriage certificate). Their place of residence is listed as New Rochelle, New York. Edith Lizzie (Burgum) Tubman sailed from Southampton on the ship Mauretania (picture, right) and arrived at Ellis Island on January 26, 1920. Her age is listed as 35yrs 11mths (which is a little off as she was born in December of 1883!) and her residence is listed as Birmingham. Two of her three children were with her: Heslop Allan, age 8, and Margaret P., age 11 (she later married Theodore "Teddy" White).

I have searched for my Grandfather's brother, Derek, but have found little about him. He was present at my Grandparent's wedding, and signed his name as Derek. My father said he was a town manager in Pleasantville, New York. I have looked through the Ellis Island records, and have found a Frederick Tubman, whose name is listed immediately after Louise and Frank Davis' names on the Vasari's manifest. His residence is listed as Handsworth, England. Coincidence, or could this person be my Great-Uncle "Derek" (Derek being short for Frederick)???? I recall an article you wrote, telling of the passing of Ralph Burgum in 1999. I wish I could have met him. I am assuming that Mr and Mrs J. Burgum are John Ernest Burgum's son, Jack and his wife??? I guess he could also be John Burgum (Edith's father) and a second wife??? I could find neither of them on any of the Ellis Island Manifests. As a side note, I grew up in New England and graduated from high school in Waterville, Maine. My father lives just south of Boston, Massachusetts and works in Boston. I noticed that several Burgums settled in that neck of the woods. Small World!!

After 20 years of Naval service and college, I now live in Virginia Beach, Virginia and work for a company who handles federal contracts. My wife, Lisa, and I plan to return to New England as soon as the last of our four children leaves the nest! Perhaps I could establish a correspondence with the Burgums living in New England. I noticed on your OUT-STANDING website that you have the will of my Great Great Grandmother, Sarah (Dudley) Burgum. I tried the link, but it didn't work. When you get a break in your very hectic schedule, could you forward a copy to me?? I would be very interested in reading it!! If you are ever near Virginia Beach again (I understand you were here just a couple of years ago!), please let me know!! I would thoroughly enjoy meeting you and introducing you to my family! My best to you and your family,

My reply to Alan is as follows:

Dear Alan,
First of all, thank you for the kind words about the BURGUM FAMILY HISTORY SOCIETY Journals and the BFHS Website. I am also grateful for the additional information, which I shall add to the family records and the website. Sarah Burgum's Will (WL-24) shows she was living at "Fernleigh", Spooner Street, Vauxhall, Birmingham and was the wife of John Burgum, a coal-dealer. The records show she died 16th February 1903, with effects £174-3s-0d. I do not have the actual Will.

A full list of Ellis Island Records, relating to the Burgums/Burghams, is contained in the BURGUM/BURGHAM REFERENCES section of this website.

Also see Article 16, about the history of Ellis Island.