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Doug Burgum


Doug Burgum created this web site and was the author of the BURGUM FAMILY HISTORY SOCIETY Journal, which was published quarterly for over 18 years! The postage costs, particularly overseas, had been rising rapidly and he had been subsidising the printing and postage costs for years and, quite simply, he can no longer afford it. It was costing hundreds of pounds a year! Added to this, Doug moved to Spain in 2009, which made the distribution of the Journals even more complex. A considerable amount of work had gone into the production of each edition and that time will, hopefully, be better spent developing this website and researching the family history.

Doug was born in Rochford (Essex), in England in 1953. He was first married in 1975 and has two sons, Ashley born in 1985 and Jason born in 1988. Following a divorce, he married Fiona Bradley Shaw on 31st May 2007. He became interested in family history in the 1980's and began the research that was to change his life. In 1990 he founded the BURGUM FAMILY HISTORY SOCIETY. His research took him back to his roots when he discovered his Burgum ancestors originally came from the Forest of Dean, in Gloucestershire. He fell in love with the area and bought a holiday home there. Later, he moved permanently to the Forest.

Doug worked as an airline Captain for British Airways and travelling the world flying the Boeing 747-400. This gave him a unique opportunity to meet distant relatives all over the United States, Canada, in Brazil, Australia, Singapore and South Africa. Doug and Fiona took early retirement from the airline and share their time between their homes in Andorra and Spain.

In the past Doug has written a column in the local newspaper, been a civilian instructor in the Air Training Corps and was Chairman of the Dean Heritage Museum Trust. (The Trust runs the Dean Heritage Centre which is set in an old mill, by a lake, in the beautiful Soudley Valley in the Forest of Dean. The museum records the rich history and heritage of the area and has about 25,000 visitors a year. The Trust is also responsible for several important historical sites in the Forest).

Doug recently took a DNA test with Family Tree DNA . He found no other Burgums registered, but 1,741 others appear to be a match! His DNA also shows he is 99% European, made up of 76% British, 23% West and Central European. He also has 1% Siberian DNA but, although a trace percentage indicates a very small amount of shared DNA in common with the Siberian population, in some cases this minor percentage could be attributed to background noise (whatever that is!).