A Novel by Doug Burgum


By Doug Burgum

I began writing poetry in in the 1970's as a way of expressing emotions that were beyond my normal everyday vocabulary. I was very shy of girls while growing up. I had all the usual hormones growing up, but none of the usual tools of normal, mature conversation when it came to the oppossite sex. Later on in life, I found poetry could express feelings or issues that were beyond by normal modes of conversation. It was a way of getting my point across although, it many cases, the subject never even read the words I had written for them. I still lacked the courage to show them, fearing humiliation or rejection.

Later in life I returned to poetry to make a point to a friend or loved one, when I felt normal conversation would not get the point across. Sometime I simply wrote because I wanted to. I will continue to add poems from time to time but, for the time being, they are in no particular order, and I have given no explanations as to their origin. Perhaps, one day, I will reflect on whether such information would be a good idea or not.

I know many people are not into poetry, but these are a window into my soul, which I seldom relieve. Some of the poems are very short, others are longer, but they all have a story behind them...

Just select a poem from the titles on the left and see what you think. They all have a meaning from my dark past!