A Novel by Doug Burgum


'Good Morning Captain!'

Alex Young is a fictitious character born of my imagination. The details relating to family history are entirely true, or as close as I can manage.

Alex is an old man reflecting on his life, while I am a slightly younger man, hopefully with some fuel left in the tank! Whilst it is true that Alex’s biography is based largely on my own life, some of this book and his experiences are completely fictional.

This is a deliberate ploy on my part to muddy the waters. With the exception of two of my school-teachers who I honour in this book, many of the other characters are fictional, or perhaps composites.

Some who know me, or believe they know me, may think they recognise themselves or others, but I will not enter into a debate about what is true, what really happened and what did not.

I am proud of my life, unashamed and at peace with the world. I am also proud of my family and I have given them as much anonymity as is possible. It could be argued that a book based entirely on my life would be boring and of little interest. However we are the sum of our experiences and I have used these to create a character that I hope is interesting, colourful and a little vulnerable.

I am flawed and I have made mistakes, but I am also one of the luckiest people one might ever meet. This success is not based on anything material, but on my journey through life. My experiences, my family and my friends, past and present; these are the treasures that make me so happy to have trod this earth. I wish I had been worthier, wiser and a better writer, but if you detect any of the compassion and emotion I feel for humankind, and those most close to me, read on...

Doug Burgum