A Novel by Doug Burgum

Doug Burgum

The Latest News

Good Morning Captain! was finally published by Lulu Publishing on 30th March 2015. The book is now available for purchase on and will shortly be available globally with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and all other affiliated reader stores. To access the Lulu website go to Good Morning Captain! or Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

The book will be a quality print paperback book with matching eBook in all reader formats (ie Kindle, Nook, Itunes, etc). In the UK the book will also be available on and listed in the Ingram catalog for Waterstone. I have taken no royalties for the publication of the book in order to keep the costs down. Best selling authors have large print runs, whereas publishes On Demand to Amazon, Barnes a& Noble, etc and customers who order on line. You order one book, they print one book. Please feel free to order more to give to your friends and relatives!